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Laboratory of Environmental Factors Monitoring

Margarita Romanovna Plotnikova

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of  Environmental Factors Monitoring.

The environment constantly affects on living organisms, in particular through water. Monitoring of environmental factors that can affect on physical  and chemical properties of water is the main activity of the laboratory. The laboratory equipment allows studying the influence of external factors on water at molecular and atomic levels. In the frame of monitoring, information  from the network of neutron monitors (, as well as information about parameters of solar activity (, the Earth’s magnetic field, climatic characteristics (, space weather ( is collected. Seismic activity is analyzed according to international data (

The obtained data help to simulate influence of external factors on water and on a human body.

Tasks of the laboratory:

  1. Collection of data on the environment status.
  2. An analysis of the factors that can affect on the physical and chemical properties of water.
  3. Studying at the molecular level the influence of external factors.
  4. Simulation and assessment of the environment radiation situation under predetermined external conditions, in particular at specified altitudes, space weather conditions, climatic conditions.
  5. Development of specialized waters for various environmental conditions. Specialized waters are means of countermeasures against negative environmental influence.
  6. Methodical recommendations for conducting of experiments (analysis and consideration of the environmental factors effect).
  7. Creating software.

Aqua Academy

We expand knowledge about water